Wedding FAQs

Do we use Photoshop?

We are often asked if we photoshop our pictures. The answer is, in general, a resounding NO. Our aim is to capture the perfect picture in camera – not to spend hours in Photoshop cropping, lightening, darkening and making colour cast corrections, and generally trying to make bad photography look good. This can get tedious, especially if you have shot a thousand pictures at a wedding. We use Photoshop occasionally to take out obtrusive background objects, such as road signs and to create special effects.

Do we only photograph weddings in London?

95% of all our weddings are in London. However, we do travel frequently around south east England and occassionally abroad. We have covered weddings and corporate events in Cannes France, Wiesbaden Germany, Zagreb Croatia and even Chicago USA.

Wedding Posing Techniques

A quick word on our style and posing techniques. Many wedding photographers describe their style of wedding photography as Natural, Discrete, Unobtrusive, Fly on the Wall etc. Without a doubt, this approach will produce outstanding photos – the question is, how many? After spending the whole day with the bride and groom it’s a little sad to have 5 outstanding shots and all the rest are the backs of peoples heads.

Wedding photography is people photography. If the photographer is good at interacting naturally with people, then natural, relaxed, vibrant pictures are the result, showing people at their very best. None of our photographers are wall flowers at a wedding. We know when to get involved and to orchestrate the proceedings using good humour and gentle coaxing, and we know when to step back and let things happen. The result is a beautiful record of your wedding day, with hundreds of pictures worthy of a place in any wedding album.

Flash on No Flash?

Let’s talk about the art of using flash photography at a wedding. You would think that after a photographer has spent £1000’s on a camera and £100’s on a dedicated flash, that when you put the two of them together, that they would work faultlessly on any automatic setting. If only life was that simple – the truth is, for various technical reasons, it is very difficult to get a good flash exposure time after time, with many pictures failing due to wildly erratic results.

For this reason, there are many photographers out there, who do not use flash. They say that the equipment they use is the best in the world and has awesome low light capabilities so that flash is never needed. All I can say is WTF!!! OMG!!! Imagine having a Ferrari and only ever driving in third gear – what would be the point? Flash photography is an essential tool to master (whatever the difficulties with modern cameras). For a photographer to limit himself by not using flash techniques is like cutting off an arm.

Back up Equipment

We always carry spare cameras, extra flash equipment and location lighting equipment. Should the worse happen and the photographer drops his camera and it shatters into a thousand bits he will probably burst into tears (because they are expensive) but apart from that your wedding photos will be safe and the photography will carry on as normal.

British Weather

British weather can never be relied on were weddings are concerned. Our photographers can, if need be be, carry on indoors. This is sometimes necessary for winter weddings when it can get dark quite early on in the afternoon. If it looks like rain it is a good idea to bring along some large brollies – preferable white in colour.


We realise that your wedding day will be one of the most special days in you life. We will incorporate any ideas, poses, and special requests you have for your wedding photography into the way we work

Wedding Reprint Prices

If you or your wedding guests need extra copies of any wedding photos please have e a look at our wedding reprint prices . We now offer jaw-dropping prices on wedding reprints. For instance, 7×5 inch reprints are only £1.50 each. These are high quality, colour corrected, digitally optimised prints from your wedding photos.

HIgh Resolution Wedding Data DVD

Every single wedding photo will be supplied on a DVD at the same resolution as we took them at in the camera. The wedding photos on the disc can be enlarged to any size by any photo lab.

Our Wedding Photographers

Our London Wedding Photographers are all full time professionals. As well as having years of wedding experience we work as editorial, fashion, corporate, documentary and studio photographers. We work fast, think on our feet and produce the wedding photos that our clients require. We capture all the fun, excitement and love of your wedding day on camera. specialises in creative wedding photography fusing traditional techniques with reportage and photo journalism to create a unique and distinctive style that has panache. elegance and sophistication.

Ordering reprints

Typically, depending on what happens during the day, we shoot around 100 images per hour – stylish wedding pictures from which to make an album selection. All these pictures are printed out for you as 6×4 inch prints (10x15cm). These are not marked with copyright stamps of any description.

The Bride and Groom will then need to choose their album prints. We provide A4 size prints, ht equantuitiy depending on the package booked, or if your prefer, 30 9×6 inch prints. The prints you select are digitally optimised and printed on the very best Kodak Royal Paper by our own in-house printing equipment at our Camden High Street Studios. Included is an elegant hand- made Italian Wedding Album – the perfect compliment to your wedding pictures.

Your Hi Resolution copyright data DVD

Every picture taken at your wedding is supplied at hi resolution on a data disc, usually a DVD.. This means that you can make your prints to any size ( up to A1 which is huge). Ideal for home printing or printing by your local photo lab.